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marlon eduardo orellana
United States
Not much to know...i love to draw and write my own stories...i like to read..i was born in el salvador...i find it a pain in the ass to put capitol letters wen im typing

Current Residence: MD, not gonna tell u more
Favourite genre of music: all
Favourite style of art: anything understandable
MP3 player of choice: ipod touch
Shell of choice: wtf
Skin of choice: ????
Favourite cartoon character: idk, alot
Personal Quote: expect the unexpected...XD


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You kept shooting while pumping your shotgun and with every shot the T1000 or better known as the Troll 1000; staggered back which each buck shot impact. You fired again but only a heard a click without the sound of combustion from exiting shotgun shell case. Your heart races as you look forward, you see the Troll 1000 gain it’s balance again and watch as the holes you shot into its chest regenerate and heal. The facial expression of the Troll 1000 turns from pain to a wide grin as it wags it’s finger at you and shakes it’s head in emphasizing how shameful it was of you to think you could take it on with a mere shotgun. You take a step back and ready yourself to turn and run, you don’t know where to run to but as long as you stay alive to get away from it. Suddenly the expression of the Troll 1000 face turns from huge grin to surprise as it looks passed you. You turn and see a face that is half human and the other have torn of flesh that reveals cybernetic eye with a red pupil and a partial metal forehead. His leather jacket was torn and shred beyond repair. The right sleeve was missing along with his entire arm; leaving only few dangling wires. His pants partially ripped; though his black boots still remained intact and unscathed. Despite all the damaged he suffered he still stood tall, holding a grenade launcher with one hand. He aims it steady and fired. The grenade shell punctured the Troll 1000 stomach and exploded. Now the Troll 1000 stood with the lower half of its body intact but the entire upper body was bastardized abnormally. It stretched up into one side and bent over the top as if his whole upper body took a morbid C shape with his head dangling at the end. The Troll 1000 was unable to keep its balanced. It stepped back and fell off the platform and landed in molten steel. The Troll 1000 quickly surfaced from the hot molten steel; cussing in pain that was emphasized in every language known to man. As you look down from the plat form, you see the Troll 1000s head and one hand sink into the molten steel; it gives you one last huge grin and the middle finger before dissolving completely into the molten steel. You turn and run back to your protector who now leans on one side with his hand “I need a vacation” he says exhaustingly “You did it, you beat the Troll 1000” you say while your protector half smiles and says “You mean we beat it” he gains back his balance, then puts out his robotic fist and you bump them to commemorate a job well done “My mission is done” he says as he starts looking around for something, then sees what he needs and walks toward it. Taking a wired switch from off the floor he turns to hand it to you “I cannot self-terminate, you will need to lower me into the molten steel” you stand there perplexed staring at him in shock “What? No!” “My mission was only to thank you for faving a piece in Mobis-New-Nest gallery and protect you until the Troll 1000 was terminated, I fulfilled my objectives. I mean this in no way towards you but you humans are destructive species it’s in your nature to destroy each other but I cannot let myself be a pawn in your atrocities” he presses the button on the control switch and suspended chains rattle towards the edge of the platform. You stand in his way in an attempt to stop him “Please no, you don’t have to do this” “I’m sorry, it must be done” he says trying to move past you “NO! I ORDER YOU TO STAY! I FUCKING ORDER YOU TO STAY!” you yell as you beat your hands on his chest. Your tears begin to well up in your eyes then escape down your cheeks. The Terminator takes his finger and wipes the tears from your eyes “I know now why you humans cry, which something I can never do” he says and he leans down to hug to you. You hold on tight, savoring the hug as if it were the last bit of air you would ever breathe again. In all humans you ever met in your entire existence, this machine had more humanity then all of them put together. He was there to keep your bullies away, He was there for every birthday, he was there when you lacked optimism so he gave it to you, he was there to mend every cut and scrape you got. He never raised a hand against you, he never held a grudge towards you, he never spoke ill of you behind your back, he never told you couldn’t do something even when it seemed impossible for you to do it. He was there even when he didn’t have to be and he always listened to you until today. He pulls away from you and then reaches inside his jacket to his breast pocket “This is for you” he hands you photo of you and him at the Justin Bieber concert where you were hiding from Troll 1000. In the photo you’re plugging your ears while sticking out your tongue at the camera man and the Terminator has an expressionless look on his face while wearing a shirt that read ‘I HAVE BIEBER FEVER’ you half smile given how sad the situation is. The Terminator rose and made his way to chains. He hands you the switch and then he grabs a hold of the chains while mount one foot in its loops. He turns around to look at you and wait for you to press the switch that will lower him into the molten steel. You press the button and the chains begin to lower “Goodbye” says the Terminator. Those words shred your heart. You walk closer to the edge, looking down at him. The Terminator’s boots begin to burst into flames as the surface of the molten steel begins to touch and consume them; his pants follow along with his mid body but as he keeps sinking he still looks up at you. As his one hand lets go of the chains he gestures a thumbs up to you as his upper body and head sink into the molten steel while is hand still remained in a thumbs up pose before he disappeared into the molten steel.
Dracelikal Featured By Owner May 30, 2013   Digital Artist
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